Social Media Policy

Social Media Policy
This policy must be adhered to by all players & supporters, failing to do so may result in suspension or banned from involvement with the Balgownie Cricket Club
At The Balgownie Cricket Club, we recognise the positive impact of Web 2.0 technologies and Social Media in developing and maintaining relationships and communities. We want to encourage you to benefit from all the opportunities which social media (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc) present, and help you to minimise any potential risks.
We have developed these guidelines to assist you in managing your online reputation and that of the Balgownie Cricket Club as well. We have also produced a document with specific advice on how you can apply these guidelines. It’s important to also share these tips with your friends and family as everyone needs to be aware of their digital reputation and how it can be best managed.
1. Identify your Audience
If you want to use these sites to communicate with friends and family, you may wish to consider a site which you can keep quite personal and private. This may be a Facebook profile which you can lock down so that it cannot be publicly searched and one in which you only accept as “friends” people you know and trust.
2. Protect your identity and online reputation
All users of social media sites need to manage what information they share so as to protect their identity and reputation. You can do this by making sure that you lock down your personal accounts by using the most secure privacy settings and only accepting friend requests from people you know and trust.
3. Be respectful and courteous
Think before you post a comment or respond to someone online and ensure that all of your communications are respectful and courteous. Once you have put something online, there is almost no taking it back and it is almost impossible to delete. Your comments may be seen by the media or sponsors and could impact negatively on you and The Balgownie Cricket Club.
4. Avoid getting into heated discussions online or talking about sensitive issues.
Speak to a committee member if you feel as though someone is trying to provoke a response from you or harasses/threatens you online.
5. Think before you post and/or tag an image
The images you share online will reflect on The Balgownie Cricket Club so it is important that you consider this before uploading or tagging photos and videos. Also be aware that these photos may be taken out of context and used by the media or other people so if you are not happy for the image to be shared publicly, it should not be placed online.
6. Respect other people’s accounts and devices
There may be occasions where a teammate leaves a mobile phone unattended or has not properly logged out of an account. As a show of respect, do not use that person’s device or account to harass others or impersonate that person and cause them humiliation.
Social Media is an area of public comment, and you are as liable for what you say in this sphere, as if the same statement was being made in the media.